Fight Grand Corruption, Create the International Anti-Corruption Court!

Video by: Found Object, a social impact agency and production company. 


TIU_Banner.PNGAnti Corruption Coalition Uganda


On August 7, Transparency International Uganda and Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda held a press conference. During the conference, before several media outlets, Mr. Peter Wandera, Executive Director of Transparency International Uganda,  and Mrs. Cissy Kagaba, Executive Director of the Anti-Corruption Coalition of Uganda signed a petition calling for the creation of an International Anti-Corruption Court and encouraged their fellow citizens to do the same.


US Rep. Jim McGovern of Massachusetts entered the 

Case for the IACC into the U.S. Congressional Record on July 25, 2014. 

The mission of AntiCorruptionCourt.org is to create a Coalition for the Creation of an International Anti-Corruption Court (IACC) that focuses on bringing individuals responsible for acts of grand corruption to justice. Corruption stems from a system of power with impunity, where political leaders or others with significant power can make rules or laws that they themselves do not have to follow. In order to hold these individuals accountable for their illegal activities, we need to bring the crime of grand corruption into the international political stage.


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